Introduction to fly casting will introduce to the basic casting methods used to get you on the water catching fish. It will provide the technique and knowledge, the do’s and don’ts of casting etiquette, and good practice techniques. You will learn, with practice, the casts you must master before moving on to an Advanced Casting class.

This class will cover in easy and simple terms and practice, the basic casting skills and when each is useful and needed. The class is taught by some of our own Club members, who have been on the water for many years and are happy to pass their knowledge on to you!

You will learn about:
  • Stance, grip and line management;
  • 4-part cast;
  • Roll cast;
  • False casting, when to use it and when not to; and
  • Shooting line;
  • You will learn about some of the most common errors and how to look for and correct them.
Practicing and being able to use this information and skills are prerequisites for the Advanced Casting class.