How to contact your elected representative

There may come a time that you might want to express yourself to your elected officials. I would like to pass on to you what I have learned in the last few years.

The first thing I learned is how you send correspondence to a representative is very important. I have found that mass e-mails are worthwhile because of their numbers. A typed letter gets more attention because they are read by staff for content. A well written letter may show more concern time and thought than an email or typed letter. If you don’t have the time to write a hand written letter please click on to a mass emailing for the subject you have concerns about.

Your representative’s staff is there to help their boss research the issues and are looking to learn what their constitutes feel are important. Staff members may not have been to the place you are writing about. The more information you can give on how an issue affects you the better.

To find the address of your congressional representative try the phonebook, your newspaper or go on line at

Please the following form.

To the Representative                                                   to a Senator

The Honorable (full name)                                             The Honorable (Full Name)

Room # House Office Building                                        Rm# Senate Office Building

United States House of Representatives                        United States Senate

Washington, DC 20515                                                  Washington, DC 20510

Dear Representative                                                      Dear Senator

Here are tips

Be nice, talk about how important it is and how you enjoy how you want it protected for your heirs, how it makes you fell when you are there and when you come back. Ask for their help and for an answer on their position. Keep it to one page if you can, hand written is ok to use more.