A partnership between CA Department of Fish and Wildlife, Deep Creek Fly Fishers, and Trout Unlimited to better protect Southern California‚Äôs freshwater fisheries.





  • Southern California in "extreme" drought for 4 consecutive years
  • Headwater streams running dry
  • Many fish populations have no refugia left


California Department of Fish and Wildlife(CDFW) needs our help!

  • Southern California (Region 6) largest in the state
  • Only 1 freshwater fisheries biologist for the entire region


Region 6 largest in the state

  • ~45,000 sq miles (28% of the state)
  • 78% is public lands
  • Includes San Bernardino County - largest county in the nation
  • Major waterways - Colorado and Santa Ana
  • Large diverse fish assemblage



  • 1 wild trout biologist (out of Coleville)
  • 2 reservoir biologists<
  • 2-3 other staff that deal with fish issues


Overall Goals

  • Gather data on streams that would otherwise not be surveyed at all
  • Illustrate that there are trout populations in the San Bernardino and San Jacinto Mountains that warrant a local CDFW freshwater fisheries biologist to help manage and protect


Download the  pdf Angler Drought Monitoring Region 6 Introduction (3.57 MB) pdf
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Download the   pdf Angler Drought Monitoring Training (4.51 MB)

Download the  pdf Angler Drought Monitoring Datasheet (300 KB)