The Fisheries Resource Volunteer Corps (FRVC) was established in 1994 as a program of the Southwest Council of the Federation of Fly Fishers, operating under the U.S. Forest Service Volunteer Program to protect our rivers, streams and lakes. Working with the Forest Service, FRVC members in Forest Service uniform, patrol streams of the Angeles, and San Bernardino National Forests.Each forest has specific areas and streams that are patrolled by members. Although the FRVC was started by fishermen, we have seen an interest from others that enjoy the outdoors. Now we have volunteers that like to backpack, hike, hunt or just enjoy the forests. All you need is a willingness to see the forest stay as pristine as you found it. We work with the Forest Service, helping with various projects during the year, such as the Jenks Lake Fish Festival for kids, selling Adventure Passes, restoration of historic buildings, repair and replace damaged Forest Service signs, tree planting and the removal of graffiti, illegal fire rings, trash, recreational dams and invasive plants.We also work with the California Department of Fish & Game, assisting with electro fishing, aquatic insect studies and collecting fish DNA samples, providing information for stream management, while learning more about the streams we patrol. We also collect water samples for monitoring water quality, conduct stream surveys to monitor the streams environment, collect angler surveys from the DFG angler survey boxes and repair and replace angler survey boxes and signs.The FRVC is always looking for new volunteers. If it sounds like these are things you’d like to do, read more and then contact us by visiting our website @


The San Gorgonio Wilderness Association is a non-profit group dedicated to protecting the San Bernardino National Forest, including the San Gorgonio Wilderness and to serving the public visiting the forest. These services are provided through the generous donation of time by nearly 120 volunteers and contribution of funds by individuals who enjoy our National Forest and Wilderness areas and wish to help protect these precious resources for use by themselves and future generations. Contributions are used for patrol, program, and maintenance supplies, training of volunteers, and administration costs.


With ever decreasing Forest Service funds and personnel, it has become more essential for SGWA Volunteer Rangers to continue providing the following services:

  • Lead nature walks and programs.
  • Completely staff and manage the Barton Flats Visitor Center.
  • Patrol trails throughout the forest and wilderness to assist visitors
  • Clean up litter and illegal fire rings, and call in emergency medical care.
  • Construct and maintain trails throughout the forest.

For more information regarding The San Gorgonio Wilderness Association; making donations, volunteering, etc.visit our website @, send email inquiries to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., or call (909) 382-2906.