A California Non-Profit Corporation 501 (c) (3) #33-0797023 Corporation #2236785

The name of the corporation is: Deep Creek Fly Fishers, Inc.

The purposes of which this corporation is formed are:

  1. To encourage angling with artificial flies;
  2. To educate its members in the art of tying flies, building rods and fly fishing;
  3. To encourage the conservation of wild trout, warm water and salt water fish populations;
  4. To encourage and assist youth to become fly fishers and a conservationist.

The principal office of the corporation, for the transaction of its business is at Isaak Walton Club House, Fairmount Park in the City of Riverside County of Riverside, California
The mailing address is:
Post Office Box 8203, Redlands, California 92375

The powers of the corporation shall be exercised and its affairs conducted by a Board of Directors, which shall consist of the elected officers, which include the President, 1st Vice President, 2nd Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer.
The balance of the board shall be made up from appointees of the President, which include the Chairperson of the following committees: News Letter Editor, Education, Conservation, Outings, Trout-In-the Classroom, Opportunity Drawings, Club Membership, and Web Master.
There shall be two additional members who shall be two past presidents.
The qualifications, the time and manner of electing, the terms of office, the duties, and manner of removing directors and filling vacancies shall be as set forth in the By- Laws of the Corporation.

The qualifications of the members of the association, the voting and other rights and privileges of the members, their liabilities for dues and assessments and method for collection and termination and transfer of membership shall be as stated in the By- Laws.
The interest of any member of this corporation is the personal property of that member and no member shall have any interest in the property held by the corporation, regardless of the time and manner in which said property is acquired.

The Corporation shall be dissolved and its affairs wound up by the vote of sixty (60) percent of its paid up dues members and in accordance with the Articles of Incorporation.

This Corporation is non-profit nor shall it be operated, for pecuniary gain or profit and it does not contemplate the distribution of gains, profits or dividends to the members thereof, and is organized solely for non-profit purposes, and no part of the profits or net income of this Corporation shall ever inure to the benefit of any director, officer or member thereof. Upon dissolution or winding up of this Corporation, its assets remaining after payment of, or provisions for payment of all debts and liabilities of this Corporation shall be distributed to a nonprofit fund, foundation or corporation, which promotes fly fishing, and which has established its tax-exempt status under the Internal Revenue Code and Revenue Taxation Code of the State of California.

No substantial part of this Corporation shall consist of carrying propaganda or otherwise attempting to influence legislation, nor shall this Corporation participate in or intervene in any political campaign on behalf of any candidate for public office.

The original copy of this Constitution and any amendments thereto, shall be kept at the principal office of the Corporation, and shall be open to inspection by all members or their agents at any reasonable time. This Constitution shall be amended only by resolution duly adopted by a majority of the directors, and by a vote or written consent of 60 percent (60%) or more of the voting members of the Corporation, and not otherwise.

ADOPTED 9/27/2017
Approved: SIGNED by President
Bill Reeves
Attested To: SIGNED by Secretary Jill Wagner