Think the drought is over? Think again. This article is a must read.
ENSO the Drought Strikes Back! The 2016 Drought so far March 1
California Water Blog By Jay Lund
Posted on February 28, 2016 by UC Davis Center for Watershed Sciences

wet weather ahead
Summary of conditions

February 2016 has been dry, despite El Nino-besotted promises of aqueous abundance. There is sometimes a difference between climate conditions and hydrologic reality (and economic reality).


Annual precipitation and snowpack are now about average or a little less. Fortunately, the largest reservoirs continue to fill slowly, relative to previous drought years, with still about 6 million acre ft of surface water storage deficit for this time of year. Groundwater will be recharging, as it should this time of year in most places, but we still sit atop a large dry hole.


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