We lost a couple of fly-tying innovators; Bob Quigley and Harry Lemire. Bob passed away June 12, 2012 after a lengthy battle with prostate cancer he was 62 years old and his most significant contributions to the fly tying world were his transitional flies that imitated specific stages of emerging aquatic insect life. Harry passed away June 4, 2012 after a brief illness. He was well known for his steelhead flies and also for his in-hand tying of classic Atlantic salmon flies.

They will always be a pillar of our sport. So in their memory pass along your knowledge of fly tying and fly fishing on to others so the art of fly fishing and tying is not lost.

Quigley Cripple (green drake).
By Bob Quigley
HOOK - #8-12 Tiemco 200R
THREAD - Brown 8/0 UNI
TAIL –Amber Z-Lon topped with brown ostrich tips.
RIB- Brassie size green UTC ultra wire.
ABDOMEN- Brown ostrich herl.
THORAX- Green Antron dubbing.
WINGCASE/WING- Natural deer hair.
HACKLE – Grizzly.

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