Excerpts from a blog by George Kramer

An unusual benefactor – Santa Ana suckers and their restored habitat in the Santa Ana River – provided the impetus for a CDFW transfer of fish to Lake Elsinore on Thursday, Dec. 27th. Largemouth bass were among 386 fish transported, along with a nice helping of green sunfish and bullhead. Lake Elsinore (a bump in the San Jacinto River) is actually a tributary of the Santa Ana River connecting near Corona. That put the natural lake in an ideal place to get discards from the states restoration of the Santa Ana. The relocated fish would have been otherwise dispatched, along with the carp, fathead minnows and goldfish captured in the tributary. Most of the fish were green sunfish; however, 14 largemouth, and two really nice bluegill were released at the new launching facility on the north side of the lake. They may work with the restoration crew again to relocate more fish including largemouth bass since it went so well.

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